I did my Statistics studies in at the University of Jyväskylä, and after a postdoc under Matti Vihola (Bayesian Markov chain and sequential Monte Carlo stuff) I did my second postdoc at Anders Ynnerman’s Infovis group at the Linköping University (various visualization and statistic stuff), before coming back to Jyväskylä to work on causal inference with Juha Karvanen as part of the Decision analytics utilizing causal models and multiobjective optimization (DEMO) project. I am now running my own Academy of Finland project PREDLIFE (together with Satu Helske).

My research can be broadly classified as computational statistics, mainly related to time series methods (state space models, hidden Markov models) and respective statistical software development. Check out my publications and R packages for more details on my current and previous research interests. You can also take look at my CV

Ph.D. in Statistics ∙ University of Jyväskylä ∙ 2015

MSc in Statistics ∙ University of Jyväskylä ∙ 2010

I am not teaching at the moment. I have previously taught courses Statistical Inference 1, Bayesian Inference 1, R programming, and generalized linear models 2 at the University of Jyväskylä.


Jouni Helske

Senior Researcher in Statistics